5 Chrome extensions to help you close more deals

Alfie Lambert Updated 11 August 2021

Reading Time: 3 minutes

There are a myriad of earthed gems on Chrome’s web store for sales and marketing; many of which are completely free or have a free version to get you up and running. Whether you’re looking to save time, boost your efficiency, or discover new insights, we’ve got the top 5 chrome extensions all sales teams should have their hands on.

With so much time spent on prospecting, administration and research, with just 33% of a salesperson’s day spent engaging with customers, salespeople are kept from their full potential. They spend hours fulfilling admin tasks and monotonous searching. With the millions of data points, profiles, and companies available for prospecting, you could spend years finding the right persona. That’s before attempting to extract all the relevant information.

Here are our top 5, each serving a different purpose to save you time and improve efficiency.

HubSpot Sales

HubSpot’s Sales tool lets you connect your inbox directly with your CRM. Rather than switching between the two, this integration ensures you save time and retain all valuable information about your prospects when exporting contact info. There’s also the ability to monitor and be notified when your emails are delivered, opened, and clicked on. This can all be added to your CRM log.


BuzzSumo tells you how well content is performing and its potential for virality. When on a web page, click the extension to look at the stats on how many people have shared or backlinked to it. It’s also a great way of seeing keeping an eye on how your competitors are doing. You can also unearth insights into new untested strategies to ensure the content your sharing is relevant and engaging. This is ideal for teams where too much of their time is being spent on content research.


Nudge.ai is an artificial intelligence tool giving you important sales insights whenever and wherever. It allows you to check information and insights on prospects and their companies. Instead of manually searching for the information you need to write that perfect intro or pitch, you get all the data you need immediately. It monitors personal mentions, social media activity, company events, and blogs. Create the necessary personalisation your message needs to stand out in a crowded inbox without spending hours crafting it.

Offline editing for Docs, Sheets & Slides

One for the pre and post-Covid world, this does exactly what it says on the tin. If your commute is about to end its sabbatical you can guarantee mediocre to non-existent wi-fi along your route. This handy extension allows you to make all those edits whilst stuck between stations. You don’t even need any Office apps installed on your device for this to work either. Simply drag the file into Chrome and export it afterwards.


Lix allows you to export thousands of LinkedIn profiles, find 98% accurate validated email addresses and track company data in just one click. Perfect for sales prospecting, recruitment and business intelligence professionals, it removes the manual effort required to obtain the necessary info you need for your pipelines. Its automation also gives a handy boost to your marketing and networking efforts, allowing you to view thousands of profiles a day. This, in turn, grows your network and ensuring those relevant to your industry get eyes on your profile and business.

Lix’s email guessing feature gives you another avenue for your outreach, without the need to utilise another tool to pore over these profiles. Boasting 98% accuracy and with alternatives given where the first option proves unsuccessful, you have an optimal chance of reaching your chosen connection.

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