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Any browser

LIX is the only search results exporter tool that supports Internet Explorer. Any modern browser can be used with the LIX system, no need to download third party software or browser extension to make this work.


Downloading software and browser extensions can be a security concern for you and your team, our system means you don't have to download software to your system.

Easy To Use

You don't need for the IT team to install this one, it's dead simple - simply drag, drop and click.

Lightning Fast

By processing more results per day you will set up more qualified meetings.

Browser access

LIX is the only LinkedIn search results exporter that supports Internet Explorer without any downloads.

Create your LinkedIn searches right in your browser and export what you see to an Excel or CSV file.

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Activate your browser

Any browser can be used with the LIX helper.

Export searches

Use the native LinkedIn interface to perform searches and simply click the LIX it! button to export to Excel or CSV.

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