How to Export Your LinkedIn Connection’s Profiles

Alfie Lambert Updated 23 August 2021

Reading Time: 3 minutes

It’s possible to the to export your linkedIn connection’s profile in full. Want to know how? Read on…

With 720 million active users in 2020, LinkedIn has grown massively over the past 18 years and it is only expected to keep growing

This year the pandemic saw more people moving towards a new way of working: from home. And working remotely has inspired a a major shift towards working online in new and innovative ways. 

Many businesses have seen the benefit of working remotely and some say they won’t go back to traditional ways of working.  It’s safe to say that online platforms are going to become an even bigger part of the way we work long after the pandemic is over. 

Zoom calls instead of face to face meetings. Management platforms for tasks. The increase in online interactions through social media and online advertising. Etc. And an increase in using LinkedIn.

Technology is always changing and the way we do business is constantly evolving, the pandemic has only accelerated this shift. Businesses that are not able to pivot and embrace new ways of working are generally those that get left behind. 

And what’s the most known network for online business connections? Linkedin.  As you probably know, LinkedIn is great for connecting with potential business contacts. 

Whether you are marketing person looking streamline your outreach process, a recruiter using LinkedIn to discover even more potential candidates, or a sales person looking to expand their network, LinkedIn can be a powerful tool to utilise.

However, LinkedIn does have its limitations when it comes to managing these connections off the platform.

One of the problems B2B professionals on LinkedIn face, is that there is no easy way to export your connections and people beyond your connections from LinkedIn. There’s no simple way to to view all the profiles you are interested in at a single glance.

You can have multiple tabs open sure, and gather that data manually, but this becomes time inevitably consuming. 
There’s a way to do this free from LinkedIn, but it does not give you anything beyond your contacts. 

This is where LIX comes in. Have you ever wished you had all of your LinkedIn connections in a handy spreadsheet? 

With LIX, you can do just that with our deep profile feature. 
Deep profile allows you to export all of your LinkedIn connections at once and presents them in an easy to read way in an Excel spreadsheet or CSV. 

You can download the following data quickly and easily using the handy LIX helper:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Location
  • Industry
  • Profile Link
  • Headline
  • Personal Website
  • Shared Connections
  • Education
  • Experience

And with deep profile, there’s another bonus. It’s not just your connections you can download. But search results outside of your connections that you can download too. This isn’t possible with the standard LinkedIn search as you may know. 

Here’s how you can export your LinkedIn connection’s profile:

1. Log in to the LIX dashboard and ensure that the LIX browser extension is enabled.

2. Next, look for‘My Network’ in the top toolbar, click it then click‘Connections’ on the left hand side

3. Your  LIX browser extension should now be activated

4. From within the LIX tool, select your options

5. Your options are now selected and you are ready to go. Now hit LIX IT!

If you’d like to read the full guide, click here. 

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