Sales Data: Real-Time Insights via Lix’s LinkedIn API

Alfie Lambert Updated 1 September 2023

Sales Data
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What is Sales Data?

Sales data serves as the foundational intelligence that helps drive targeted customer engagement and efficient decision-making. It’s the fuel that optimises your sales pipeline, ensuring that your sales professionals can quickly zero in on high-potential leads while also customising their outreach strategies for maximum impact. In essence, the right data sets the stage for predictable, efficient sales outcomes.

In this blog, we’ll delve into finding and leveraging B2B data for better sales, explain the different types of sales data, and provide information on how you can tap into LinkedIn’s treasure-trove of sales data and even pipe it directly to your own apps and tools via the Lix LinkedIn API.

Types of Sales Data

As salespeople, we’re already use data to inform our decisions, even if we’re not aware of it. SDRs and BDRs understand who their prospects are, what roles they perform and at which kinds of companies. Sales leaders make decisions based on market changes and customer preferences. Data underpins all of these decisions.

Demographic Sales Data

Demos means “the people,” and graphy means “writing about or recording something” — so demography literally means “writing about the people.” Demographic data then, is anything related directly to prospects. The actual human beings at the other end of your outreach! For sales, this mainly consists of geographical data, names, email addresses, locations, employment histories, and skills. This data helps to adapt offers and messaging to specific target groups, making it the basis for B2B prospecting. You can usually find and extract the most up-to-date records of demographic data via a prospect’s LinkedIn profile.

Firmographic Sales Data

Firmographic data refers to the ‘demographics of organisations’; it allows companies to be segmented into defined groups for your SDRs to target. This type of data includes company name, location, industry, number of employees and so on. Key data for figuring out messaging, price points and much more.

Chronographic Sales Data

Another interesting type of sales data, is Chronographic data. This also known as sales trigger data, and it refers to events and changes that occur over time. These changes can lead to an opening to engage with a new prospect or to revisit a prospect that went cold. Chronographic sales data includes company location moves, prospects leaving or joining a job, company acquisition, company funding, hiring trends, and company IPOs. A good source for this information is a company’s social media activity – for B2B, LinkedIn posts are a great option.

How to Find Sales Data?

If your sales team has adopted a data-driven approach, collecting reliable, high quality data in real-time is a must. Data can be collected manually from public sources such as social media profiles, websites, and online articles such as blogs. However, for efficient and reliable data, it’s best to invest in a reputable B2B data provider.

Lix’s LinkedIn API allows you to tap into LinkedIn’s unparalleled store of business data, integrating real-time LinkedIn data into your CRM systems, internal and external apps or other sales tools. Say farewell to old spreadsheets and manual updates. Instantly pull accurate data on potential leads, keeping your sales team one step ahead of the competition.

Why LinkedIn Data?

In short, because LinkedIn is the best store of up-to-date B2B data anywhere on the web. The difference between LinkedIn and any other source of data is not only its scale (over 800 million users & 30m companies) but the fact that it is updated so regularly by the users themselves. Rather than relying on company websites, that are updated as and when marketing or management teams decide, LinkedIn rewards users for providing data about themselves and their companies as events happen. Other providers of B2B data source their information from places like job boards or data lists from brokers. This information goes stale, fast. We use LinkedIn, because it has the cleanest and freshest data and that is exactly what you need to make better decisions.

High-Volume Data Export

Need a lot of data? No problem. The Lix API‘s robust high-volume data export capabilities mean you can retrieve enormous sets of valuable information from LinkedIn profiles. Send up to 10,000 requests per day with no loss of performance. Integrate this data directly into your tools to better understand your target market, tweak your sales tactics, and drive results at scale.

Laser-focused outreach with “Nearest Decision Maker”

One of our most powerful features is the “Nearest Decision Maker” tool. This enables you to identify who holds the purchasing power within a target organisation. It answers the pivotal question: who is the key decision-maker that you need to engage? By targeting your outreach towards individuals who have the authority to make purchases, you enhance efficiency and increase the chances of closing deals.

Seamless Software Integration

Whether you want to integrate with your CRM software, specialised sales analytics platforms, or even your own internal and external apps, the Lix LinkedIn API ensures smooth and straightforward incorporation. The result is a unified, efficient, and tremendously powerful sales operation that capitalises on real-time data and insights.

Benefits That Transform Sales Operations

Here’s a rundown of the game-changing advantages you’ll gain with Lix’s LinkedIn API:

  • Time-Efficiency: Automate data retrieval tasks that previously required manual labor, allowing your sales team to focus on what they do best: selling.
  • Precision Targeting: Use accurate, real-time data to identify the best leads and decision-makers, significantly improving your targeting accuracy.
  • Enhanced Analytics: Import large volumes of data seamlessly into your analytics tools, providing a richer, more accurate view of market trends and customer behaviors.
  • Direct Access to Decision-Makers: Utilise the “Nearest Decision Maker” feature to bypass gatekeepers and speak directly to those who have the authority to seal the deal.

The Lix LinkedIn API offers more than just features; it provides a comprehensive solution aimed at propelling your sales processes into the future. By employing real-time data, high-volume export capabilities, seamless integration options, and transformative tools like “Nearest Decision Maker,” you’ll be well-equipped to tackle the modern challenges of sales with a data-driven approach.

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