LinkedIn Advertising Costs: The Key to High Value Campaigns

Alfie Lambert Updated 18 January 2022

LinkedIn Advertising Costs
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LinkedIn advertising costs are expensive; there’s no getting around it, but there’s good reason for it. On other social platforms, your ads can be seen by anybody with even a passing interest in your industry or niche. However, LinkedIn allows you to qualify your lead in a way the others couldn’t dream to offer.

Simply obtaining a LinkedIn profile URL allows you to check you’re hitting your ideal persona. With LinkedIn’s very own pre-filled Lead Gen form, users are more likely to click through as they feel safe. On your landing page, the chance of bouncing is infinitely higher.

In addition, anyone playing the LinkedIn advertising game will see that the costs seem to be ever increasing. The Campaign Manager seems like a daunting playground when its recommended bid-per-click rises from £8-£20 to £25-£75. But it’s all bark and no bite.

Minimum bid costs are rising slightly, but nobody needs to be paying that, and if we’re wrong, we’ll eat a print out of our words.

From bluechips to start-ups it’s all the same. Your ads may be seen quicker and at prime-time if you bid more, however, it’s not necessary. We’re going to explain why you should be advertising on LinkedIn despite the costs, and how to keep that cost as low as it’ll go.

High Quality Leads

From CEO to office temp, LinkedIn has it all. Using LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager, you can select the level of seniority you want to target. You can include specific job titles for highly targeted campaigns, or even those in fast growing businesses ready to innovate.

This is perfect for both sales and recruitment, giving you the ability to put your creatives right in front of those likely to consume it. You know your business better than any algorithm- choose exactly who sees it.

Additionally, as long as you bid per-click rather than impressions, you only pay when your persona has an interest in your product or services.

We’ve found leads are more likely to part with their profile URL than any other piece of information (it’s less personal). You increase your conversion rate and can vet your lead by asking for just this piece of info.

Also, this is GDPR-friendly and requires no tick-boxes as by continuing the conversation on LinkedIn, they remain the data controller at all times.

Adding to this LinkedIn’s retargeting tool for those who click but do not convert and you have the perfect recipe for filling your funnel with the right people at the right time.

Cost per Click/Result

Video ads tend to outperform image ads every time. This doesn’t mean you need Hollywood special effects – simply having moving text overlaying stock footage works well.

We recommend creating 1080×1080 videos. These are more likely to be seen than the 16:9 footage clogging up the news feed. This gives you the greatest chance of getting more clicks and ultimately more leads into the funnel.

Covid has changed behaviours. Time previously spent lamenting the delayed train lengthening a commute is now spent browsing and consuming content.

Typically, to encourage LinkedIn to run a successful campaign to your entire targeted audience, you bid between £2.50 – £6.00

Now, you can bid more, but the only benefit is that your ads will be seen quicker. Your conversion rates will remain the same, but your cost per click and therefore lead, will increase dramatically. Treat it like a marathon and you’ll get more bang for your buck.

Tips/Tricks to Keep LinkedIn Advertising Costs Low

A little tip is to immediately duplicate your campaign as soon as you start it. It’s more likely to be seen if it’s going out to the same audience twice. Most people scroll without really paying too much attention.

This is a great way with getting seen by more people without paying more. Remember, if you bid per click, you won’t be charged per impression, even if millions see it.

Give to get. Offering a free guide or ebook is a great way of getting a soft commitment and high conversion. Continue the conversation to sell or add them to your retargeting list.

Also, check out our Pinpoint Technique to maximise your ad performance whilst keeping your LinkedIn advertising cost as low as possible.

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