LIX – Export LinkedIn Data with Sales Navigator Deep Profiles

Alfie Lambert Updated 5 November 2020

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Sales Navigator Deep Profiles for LinkedIn Data Export


We’ve introduced our new Deep Profiles feature for Sales Navigator. As a result, you can export more information than ever before.
You can now find leads by university, previous experience, time at company, and more. In addition, we have an explainer video below to see explain how you can use it to support your LinkedIn data export. Also, we now send all the most likely emails as a comma-separated list so you can use it in a mail merge.



2x Faster Exports


Firstly, Sales Navigator exports are now 2x faster. Secondly, we’ve also managed to squeeze 5x the number of emails out of the average search result. Most importantly, these emails are now exported as a comma-separated list, allowing you to use them in a Mail Merge.


Product Roadmap



We’ve released our Product Roadmap, because we want to give all our users the opportunity to influence the future of LIX. You can check out all the features we’ve launched and the exciting features we have planned. You can even clap and comment on ideas. Check it out here.


“With our Transparent Product Roadmap, it will be easier than ever to give your input into product development at LIX. You can see what we’re working on, what we having coming up, and the ideas that are coming in to our product development process.

We hope this level of transparency will give you an insight into how we work, and give you the opportunity to influence the future of LIX. Our vision is to give you the tools to supercharge your projects and help you hit your targets, with your feedback we can do that faster and more effectively. Above all, we look forward to hearing from you!”


– Adil Karim, Founder, LIX

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