What’s New At LIX – Enhanced Company Data

Tom O'Connell Updated 30 April 2020

Reading Time: 2 minutes

LIX can now scrape and export ‘Enhanced Company Data’ from LinkedIn. This feature will allow you to extract more data than ever before, including ‘Industry,’ ‘Type of Company,’ ‘Office Location,’ and ‘Number of Employees’.


There are several other data included in this brand new feature, making it perfect for company market research and competitive intelligence.


Watch the video below to see how it works.


We have added a host of new reliability features that make it better than ever to use LIX:

We’ve improved the speed of the Guess Emails feature by 300%! We’ve taken a 1,000 contact extraction from taking ~45 minutes to taking 15! That’s a huge change, the feature is still in Beta but stay tuned for exciting updates on this coming shortly.

We now split first and last names, so you can mail merge and more easily insert data into other systems. 

We have added ‘company size’ data extraction from normal company search results. This will work even if you don’t have ‘enhanced company data’ enabled. In addition, we’ve added the link to the company profile in sales navigator and deep profiles.

We’ve changed the Excel file output from XLS to XLSX, this should not only stop those annoying errors about mismatched filetypes showing up, but should also allow the files to be openable in a wider range of spreadsheet software.

Never lose your exports again. You can now save your data when the exporting crashes. If your LIX tool crashes during an export you can click close the errors and download the exported results up until the moment it crashed.

We have removed the ‘Autolix’ feature. At LIX we like to keep things simple, this sometimes means removing features that we have spent time developing. Sadly Autolix was often confusing, making it unclear what was going on when you ran it, and it wasn’t clear what happens when you use multiple pages to extract. In this case, the benefits outweighed the costs and so sadly it must go – RIP Autolix, 2016-2020. You will still be able to save your preferences, and they will be loaded every time you open LIX.

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