3 Things to do Before Your LinkedIn Sales Campaign

Alfie Lambert Updated 6 November 2020

Reading Time: 3 minutes

The first thing you must know before you embark upon any LinkedIn sales campaign, is exactly what you hope to achieve from it. Are you trying to drive sales in the short term, or is an extension of a long-term strategy to boost both sales and exposure in a busy marketplace?

If you know your aims it is much easier to develop a coherent, and successful sales campaign.

Short term campaigns are designed to take advantage of temporary situations, such as Christmas, summertime, or even to push sales for a limited period to hit those all-important end of quarter, or end of year targets. They could also coincide with your business’s trends. For example, launching a new product, re-branding an existing line, or moving into a new area within your own niche.

Longer term plans also work well within the B2B market, as you want to nurture long term contacts with your clients, as well as developing repeat business, month on month, year on year.

So with all that in mind, developing your successful campaign requires a bit of thought and planning. Here are three absolute must-dos before you start.

Know Your Customer

This is absolutely vital to the success of your campaign. If you do not know who are targeting you will never reach your sales potential. This is all about Research Research Research.

There are many tools out there to assist you in this, one of which is LinkedIn. A quick search for companies you are targeting on LinkedIn will bring up a host of potential clients. It will also allow you to search for key people within those companies so you can further narrow down your focus.

Once you have identified your target, and established contact, don’t be afraid to ask questions and really listen to the answers. This will allow you pinpoint areas of need and you can therefore tailor your sales campaign to hit these requirements.

Show Your Expertise

By tailoring your campaign to areas of need you have identified you automatically show your expertise in this given area. However, if this cannot be backed up upon further scrutiny it is all for naught.

Again, this is all about research, research, research!. Your LinkedIn sales campaign, if successful, will generate a lot of interest. You should be prepared for question after question before any sale is confirmed. And you should know the answers better than anyone.

Why should someone choose your product or service over a competitor? Because yours is the best, and you are the most knowledgeable. This is the aim. Make you and your product absolutely unmissable. If you are the best, your Sales campaign will reflect this, and businesses will want to buy from the best.


On any successful sales campaigns the potential customer can act on the information presented. If you have done all the hard work, all the Research Research Research and tailored your campaign to the right companies, and you have proved your product, your service, and yourself to the absolute must-have commodity, you need to tell people how to get it.

A Call-To-Action is an order. Call this number to book your slot, click this link to order your copy, visit our website to buy while stocks last. This gives the customer an opportunity to take immediate action.

The most successful campaigns include more than one Call-To-Action. If it’s a leaflet you plan on using, include it on both side so it can’t be missed. If you’re going with a radio or television ad, make sure its prominently used so people know how to get in touch.

If potential customers cannot reach you, they cannot buy your products, they cannot refer you to their contacts, and you lose potential business. A sales campaign without an effective Call-To-Action is a waste of all your efforts, and money.

You need your LinkedIn sales campaign to take charge.  Tell potential customers you know who they are, and that you know they need you and your product. And here is how to get it. Successful Sales Campaigns do all these things and do them well, so if you can replicate this formula you will realise your investment was a shrewd one.

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