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Lix connects with LinkedIn to give you access to 800m individuals and 4m businesses, instantly. Seamlessly export up to 10k leads a day, enriched with 98% accurate email validation and business data from Lix. All via our easy-to-use browser extension.

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Sign up for free, or select the paid plan that suits your needs. All plans come with 3 seats as standard, so invite your team to create their accounts too.

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There’s nothing to download and no fiddly coding required to use Lix. Just install the browser extension and you’re ready to go!

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Use LinkedIn to perform searches and click the Lix IT button to export to Excel, CSV or Lix List. Ready to integrate with your chosen CRM.

We’ve had an estimated $2Mn uplift in sales…

As we curate these lists we can add only folks that fit the right profile and, as a manager, that means I no longer worry that a rep is spending time speaking to the wrong person.

Mike Inghilterra
Cloud Success Manager, Trend Micro

I've been using Lix for over a year now. It allows me to collect research data, at scale, in a fraction of the time it would take me to do it manually

Michael Williams
Senior Correspondent, The Capitol Forum

We've been using Lix for over a year now and you guys are great. What used to take 6-8 hours with Dux Soup now takes 2-2.5 with Lix. We're very happy.

Noam A
CRO at a mid-market Background Screening Co

I run a small digital agency and use Sales Navigator, and was looking for a way to extract lists I’ve created there. Stumbled across your product, tried it and I am very impressed.

Richard Carey
CEO, RCDM Studio

Thank you to every one of you for your great support. I have appreciated and enjoyed every minute of working with the Lix-it Team. Great to see we are appreciated 👍

Nihal Zoroglu
Chief Operating Officer, Paladin Bilsim

As a small business, Lix saves me hours of time spent on lead generation every week, allowing me to get on with... everything else!

Daniel Sommer
CEO, Empire Captions

I like Lix a lot because it doesn't limit the data I can export, or how I can use that data. I'm free to do what works for me.

Mansoor Madhavji
CEO, Blockchain Founders Fund
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