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The ultimate tool for LinkedIn Prospecting
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Grow your Pipeline: Crush your Targets

LinkedIn is a great place to find sales leads, job candidates, investors and more. LIX gives you the power to export 100s of search results in an instant.

Operating in-browser means LIX works on any browser or device, and doesn’t share your details with LinkedIn. No software downloads means your device is secure.

All that’s left is to sign up now and start maximising your pipeline right away!

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Build a Powerful Pipeline

Imagine starting Monday morning with a 1,000 new targets to attack. Or a few dozen of the best candidates handpicked from your LinkedIn search.

LIX puts that power at your fingertips. We have helped sales people, entreprenuers and investors from all over the world find exactly who they're looking for.

It's time to take your pipeline and LIX-it!


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How does it work?

As a LinkedIn Data Scraper Exporter - LIX works by scraping the information from your LinkedIn search and populating a document with it. That means 100s of leads for you!

Who uses LIX?

Sales people, Recruiters, Entrepreneurs - anybody with targets! If your job involves finding clients to speak to, LIX can helo you

Is it safe?

Absolutely. LIX requires no downloads, doesn't take any of your LinkedIn login details and only extracts what you can see in the search.

What are our achievements?

We have helped over 10k customers grow their pipelines and cut the deals they need. Think of all the commission!